Festival of Thrift

Performance art at Festival of Thrift
23 September
24 September
Festival of Thrift
Billingham Town Centre

The award-winning sustainable, thrifty, eco and stupendous Festival of Thrift is back - in a new home with bells and whistles! Billingham's town centre and John Whitehead Park will be transformed and play host to the Festival's free weekend of arts, culture, celebration and lovely grub! With their coup of decorating guru, Annie Sloan CBE becoming their first Patron of Thrift, you can catch her and co-founder Wayne Hemingway (Red or Dead) at the Q&A panel and also join in some fantastic Sloan workshops, along with every performance art you can imagine, workshops, art classes, vintage marketplace, streetfood and of course lovely artisan goodies from chocolate to pies and everything in between!

Sat & Sun: 10-5pm



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